Our Founder and CEO Tammy DaPalma grew up collecting Barbie dolls and My Little Ponies. She loves animals, unicorns, and mermaids, and everything about being a girl. Her family moved around a lot, and she always found herself to be the new kid in the neighborhood and at school. Standing out from the rest, she was picked on quite a bit. Somehow, she managed to stay true to herself and her sparkly personality never wavered.

She would never forget her first day of junior high in an entirely new school. Not only did she walk in late, she was dressed in leopard print leggings, kitten heels, and carrying a purse that she had chosen with the help of her adoring mother. Needless to say, that did not go over very well and she was not very popular.

Fast forward to high school, Tammy purposely chose a different location to avoid the crowd from junior high. Throughout her early years she kept to herself as she went through what she calls her "butterfly" stage. By the time her senior high school year had come, she had mastered the art of make-up and grew her hair long. She had developed the confidence to remain true to herself and to never let the opinions of others affect her.

Tammy has always had a passion for caring for animals, especially cats. She has owned and worked with a plethora of various pets throughout her life, and has dedicated many years to pet care, volunteering, and fostering. She continues to support animal rescues wherever possible.

Today, she lives on a rural property in Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada, with her loving husband and two children, boys! …All the more reason to embrace things girly and sparkly... the make-up, the shoes, the clothes, the handbags, the jewelry, the FABULOUS LIFESTYLE.

Tammy created AURA IN PINK to bring fabulous merchandise to fabulous people and pets, and to support her passion for animal welfare. We welcome you to shop our online store for everything fabulously AURA IN PINK!


Our Founder & CEO, Tammy DaPalma



Might you be interested in supporting our charity partner?

Might you be interested in supporting our charity partner?