Petlinks Kitty Catch Chirping Bird Ball Electronic Sound Cat Toy

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This fabulous Petlinks Kitty Catch Chirping Bird Ball Electronic Sound Cat Toy will put your cat on the hunt! With a swat of the paw, this ball toy takes off on hard-wood and carpeted floors. Motion-activated realistic bird song mimics the sound of prey engaging your cat to play and hunt a safer, kinder substitute. Great for solo play as well as interactive play as a toss toy.

The Kitty Cat Chirping Ball features a convenient on/off button for the realistic bird song, to help preserve battery life for longer lasting fun. Mimic the thrill of the hunt and satisfy your cat's instinct with Petlinks Kitty Catch.

Petlinks products enhance the way that people and pets live and play together. The innovations behind their thoughtful, fun and effective products are driven by consumer insights, extensive research, and thorough testing. They design products to child safety standards, as they know kids and cats often share the same space in the home. They utilize sustainable materials wherever possible, and their potent catnip is produced without chemicals or pesticides. 


  • This electronic cat toy mimics the sound of real prey when touched or played with, keeping your cat entertained and occupied to encourage focused and engaging play
  • Encourages cats to give chase when the toy is thrown or launched through the air, providing vigorous activity and exercise to help improve your pet's health and fitness
  • Helps improve your bond and relationship with your cat through interactive play
  • The sound can be turned on or off to preserve the non-replaceable battery life
  • Eco Advantage, plastic casing is made from recycled plastic
  • Surface clean with moist towel, dry thoroughly
  • Do not immerse in water
  • Petlinks products meet or exceed all applicable safety standards
  • 100% Manufacturer satisfaction guarantee
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Contains small parts 
  • Measures 1.85" x 1.85" x 1.9"
  • Designed in the USA
  • Imported