Petlinks HappyNip Crinkle Faux Fur Feather Breakaway Wonder Wand Over 2 Foot Long Teaser Cat Toy

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This Petlinks HappyNip Crinkle Faux Fur Feather Breakaway Wonder Wand Over 2 Foot Long Teaser Cat Toy attracts cats and lets them play and pounce to their heart's content. The wand has three detachable plush sections for cats to catch during playtime. This toy also Features Catnip & Silvervine; a silvervine and catnip blend that is irresistible to cats!

Petlinks products enhance the way that people and pets live and play together. The innovations behind their thoughtful, fun and effective products are driven by consumer insights, extensive research, and thorough testing. They design products to child safety standards, as they know kids and cats often share the same space in the home. They utilize sustainable materials wherever possible, and their potent catnip is produced without chemicals or pesticides. 


  • Fabulous breakaway design
  • Over 2.5 feet long
  • Grey and blue crinkly faux fur fabric
  • HappyNip inside
  • Includes a light blue dangling feather
  • Pastel purple wand
  • Interactive play
  • Helps keep your cat happy and healthy
  • For pets only. Pets should be supervised when using this product. Remove if any part becomes loose or detached. Remove all packaging and dispose of properly or retain in a safe place.
  • Packaging measures 2.5" x 1.5" x 17.5"
  • Imported