Whiskers and Mittens Kitty Scratching Posts w/Pom Pom Bell Toys - Assorted Colors

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These Whiskers and Mittens Kitty Scratching Posts w/Pom Pom Bell Toys are available in four gorgeous ultra soft plush faux fur fabric pastel colors to compliment your décor!

Scratching posts are a necessary piece of pet furniture for kitties, as their instinct to claw not only helps them to sharpen their claws, it helps them to shed the outer sheath of their nails for healthy growth.

If your kitty is scratching your furniture, place a scratch post nearby in order to redirect the behavior to where it belongs. Most cats will automatically be attracted to scratching posts, but if your kitty needs some coaxing, try rubbing some catnip on the sisal.  Gently re-enact their paw motions on the post and praise them while doing so. Giving them a bonus treat afterwards as a reward will also help to speed up the training process! Be patient. After a few corrections you will both be happy with the desired results!


  • Sisal rope post
  • Ultra soft plush faux fur fabric
  • Assorted attractive colors to suit your décor
  • Includes a dangling plush ball with bell toy
  • Post unscrews from base for easy storage or transport
  • Measures 11.25" x 11.25" x 15.5"
  • Imported
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