Petstages Swat 'N Treat Fairy Treat Dispensing Kicker Catnip Cat Toy

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The Petstages Swat 'N Treat Fairy Treat Dispensing Kicker Catnip Cat Toy addresses cats' urges to "bunny-kick" push, play and hone their hunting skills. The center holds treats and has a clear window that allows cats to see the treats. Treats fall out the head and tail as cats swat, bat, and toss around the fairy. Cats love the sound of the treats rattling inside! The head and tail are filled with 100% catnip to entice play.

The Swat N' Treat Fairy Kicker addresses kitty's natural instinct to forage, hug, wrestle and roll while providing the catnip kick that keeps cats playing longer.


  • Fun for cats: Bat, swat, or kick to release treats from the head and tail
  • Encourage foraging play: Cats can smell and see treats inside the belly encouraging them to play
  • Fill with treats: Pull aside the head to fill the treat compartment with your cat's favorite snacks (Treats not included)
  • Feathery fun: Feathers engage cats' natural hunting instincts
  • Catnip: Head and tail stuffed with 100% catnip
  • Measures 3.5" x 1.75" x 6"
  • Imported
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