Ethical Products Spot Kitty Tug-N-Treat Dispensing Cat Toy w/Catnip Pompom

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This Ethical Products Spot Kitty Tug-N-Treat Dispensing Cat Toy w/Catnip Pompom hangs on any door knob. Treats are dispensed when the kitty pulls down on the bungee release faux fur pompom. You can even adjust the bungee tension to increase the challenge!

While we all love to spoil our fancy feline friends, this toy is for responsible/occasional use only - try to resist over-indulging your fabulous furball to keep them happy and healthy. :)


  • Entertains your cat
  • Self-serve dispensing toy
  • Fill with your cat's favorite treats
  • Clear plastic cylinder displays the amount of treats inside
  • Purple plastic top and spring release mechanism
  • Faux fur plush pompom pully on pink elastic
  • Pompom ball contains catnip
  • Pink nylon loop door knob hanger with hook and loop technology
  • Hangs on any door knob
  • Adjustable bungee tension to increase the challenge
  • Measures 1.5" x 1.5" x 20"
  • Imported

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