Missing The Mall Experience In A Pandemic

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Oh how I miss the mall shoe stores. 😭😭

(I’m certain that they miss me too)

Reminiscing of a time when there was a tiny world of shiny stores all lined up in rows... with beautiful things you could try on and bring home in cute shopping bags...

A time when one could hunt for gorgeous clothing and shoes that would make you feel like a million bucks when wearing them. Oh, you not only looked fabulous, you felt fabulous!

You would dress up to go to the mall... making sure you wore the right undergarments in anticipation of feeling spectacular and rocking out your changing room hauls. Familiar sales people rushed to greet you with friendly smiles.

Leaving the stores with your armful of treasures, and then bringing them home and carefully adding them to their carefully selected new home in your closet.

Ahhhhh memories... 🛍🛍🛍💅🏻👠👜🕶

Friends... I think I’ve been cooped up in the house for far too long! 😂


- Tammy DaPalma, Founder & CEO, Aura In Pink

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