Hexbug AquaBot Smartfish Technology Seahorses - Various Colors

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These cool Hexbug AquaBot Smartfish Technology Seahorses - Various Colors are luminous aquatic robotic seahorses that really swims and reacts when you tap on the aquarium glass! 

A tropical transformation has hit the AquaBot aquarium with the addition of, the HEXBUG AquaBot Seahorse. This water-born Seahorse uses its curly rubber tail and elegant back fin to gracefully swim and bounce around inside any fish tank.

These fancy futuristic smartfish are perfect for those that don't want the commitment of real pet fish, and they are also amazing entertainment for you pet cat(s)!

*Note: Please ensure that children are made aware that real fish aquariums should not be tapped on as it stresses out the fishies.

  • Intended for ages 3+ years
  • Various colors available
  • 2 2AG13/LR44 1.5V button cell batteries included
  • +2 bonus batteries included
  • Packaging measures 5" x 2.5" x 6.5"
  • Imported