Gorgeous Inspirational Sequin Framed Trio Wall Art Set

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This Gorgeous Inspirational Sequin Framed Trio Wall Art Set is perfect for displaying in a washroom or child's room. Each piece features it's own unique feeling with individual inspirational sayings. They also each feature different colored satin hanging ribbons and loose sequins that shift when moved. 

Available in 2 separate collections, The Inspirational And Mermaid Collections:


The Inspirational Collection (3 Frames):

4) Never Stop Dreaming

5) Be A Unicorn In A Field Of Horses 

6) Be Your Own Kind Of Beautiful 


The Mermaid Collection (3 Frames):

1) Get Your Mermaid On

2) Dream Big Little Mermaid 

3) Mermaid Squad 



  • Clear acrylic viewing windows with assorted variety font scripts/texts
  • Plastic box frames
  • Satin ribbon hangers
  • Assorted background image printed art
  • Approx. Measurements Each: 6" x 0.75" x 5.25"
  • Imported
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